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Architectural Design

Initially, an architectural plan is dealing with different aesthetic and functional architectural solutions of a building - use, volume, position and style, according to the client's needs and preferences.


To recognize and create harmony of these aesthetic and functional elements is the major goal and challenge of architectural design.


Main plan, beside architectural, consists of other technically important plans of construction, installations and other formal elements, as a result of engagement of associate team of engineers.


EXTERRA interior designers focus on technical features of your property so that it functionality is improved as well as design.  We believe that functionality matters as much as design, and strive to create a comfortable and luxurious home for you.

Furniture Design


Interior and Furniture Design

Our main goal in interior design is to create a unique, extraordinary yet comfortable living space, using natural materials and provocative details.


As interior is complex interaction of different elements, reflecting particular requirements of the client, it is necessary to design and synchronies every detail with general concept.


Whether it’s a commercial space or private residence, we can enhance your property and create the ultimate environment that combines comfort, functionality and luxury.

Soft Furnishing Design



Architectural Design



Interior Design



Soft Furnishing